Asparagus Swiss Mini Quiche

Today must be the day of quiche as I have come across yet another recipe! These are for mini quiche and look so darn cute. I think that I might add more Bikram classes just to that I can continue to crave all this food! Still think that I am going to try the spinach and mushroom one first, just for the simple fact that it has feta in it! I am a sucker for some feta…

Should you want to try these asparagus swiss mini quiche though, please go here and don’t forget to come back and tell us how it went!

Asparagus Swiss Mini Quiche Recipe|

Photo courtesy of today’s creative BLOG.

Update from MotorCity

I have been doing some serious slacking as of late pertaining to my healing process. Got a hold of a small miracle the other day and was actually able to stay in a gorgeous room at Motor City Casino Hotel in Detroit, MI. During my stay I took the opportunity to pull some video to update all your curious minds. I hope you find it “educational!”

Taking a Moment in the Park

Very rarely lately have I stopped to take a moment to myself.  This fact alone has been wearing on me, as I normally try to take the moments that I need in order to keep my head clear. That lacking of time is showing some ugly truths that I’d rather just turn a blind eye to. It’s hard for me to admit when I am getting slightly “out of control,” and even harder to then reverse my actions and do the right thing.

Luckily, my little downtown area, Kellogg Park, of Plymouth, MI has just the place for it. It pains me that I am going to have to move away from this area. I love the fact that it has the BIG open park in the middle with every shop you could possibly want within walking distance. Not to mention, if hanging out for a drink is your thing, I think there is something like five or six bars within the small downtown area, so there is no lack of socializing! Especially in the Summer, the kids and I like to spend quite a bit of time down there. The surprising thing? Plymouth is filled with wealth and yet, this city has always accepted the uniqueness with which I have chosen to live my life. There is that lack of stares and disrespect that I get most places. Can’t even explain how much I appreciate that. I definitely need to start taking more time to clear my head than I have been. There was a reason that I fell in love with this city in the first place, it brings me peace…

Spiderman’s Laundry

Making my way to Better Health in Plymouth on such a dreary day, this is what I came across…

I had to chuckle being that recently I watched a documentary on HBO about real-life Superheroes … LOVED it!!! Actually, you can follow the Real Life Superhero Project on both Twitter and Facebook! There should be an explanation of how incredibly giddy I was when I found that out, but I just haven’t been able to come up with the words yet. Of course I joined both!  I want to sit down with all of them for a day and photograph each in their everyday settings.

I know that this gentleman is not dressed as a superhero, yet something about the Spiderman hoodie and the, what seems to be, Spongebob lounge pants, my thoughts got the best of me. What if that’s how it was for Spiderman to run out to grab his laundry from the corner laundrymat? Just throw the mask back, no care about the world… makes me giggle.

If you are a Real Life Super Hero, won’t you please contact me?

Red Pepper Deli

Raw Tacos

On my way home from yoga tonight, I HAD to stop into Red Pepper Deli in downtown Northville, MI. I am in love with their Raw Tacos. Yes I can make them at home, but they are so much better when I don’t have to do anything for them.  They are just the best there! Here is how they have it listed on the menu… RAW TACOS- WALNUT MEAT, FRESH TOMATO SALSA, ROMAINE AND SUNFLOWER SPROUTS $9. You can add quacamole for another $2, which is totally worth it. With it I ordered the TROPICOLADA- COCONUT MILK, PINEAPPLE, MANGO, AGAVE for another $5. It does seem a bit expensive once it is all rung up, but this is all-natural, raw, healthy goodness for your belly, you can’t be chincy. If you do happen to make it out that way, stop in and grab yourself some Raw Tacos or a shot of Wheat Grass! Before you do though, head over to Bikram Yoga Northville and work up your appetite.

You can try my variation of the raw tacos at home. You really can’t beat eating this healthy! When I prepare my version, the kids love it and eat it up just like regular tacos. Here is what I use for the “meat”… I end up combining 1/2 lb. finely chopped walnuts, 1 Can of Seasoned/Unseasoned black beans, a good amount of Ortega Taco Seasoning.  It would be much healthier and considerably cheaper to use dry black beans and cook to taste. There are times when I will do up batches of things at the end of the week for the next week, this is the time to cook up all those beans and rice. My kids love to make our tacos write in a large piece of Romaine. That is definitely healthier than them making me fry a flour soft shell in butter before they fill it. That use to be our favorite way…

Do it up your favorite way, but please come back to tell us how you did it! I would love to know…