inglehoffer Horseradish and Green Bean Fries

Not too many people that I know like horseradish as much as I do. This being said, I do find it hard to find a brand that lives up to what I expect from my horseradish. I like to be able to snack on something slowly, yet quite often my mind chooses to scarf down whatever yummy deliciousness is in front of me. Recently I found a brand to go with my green bean fries from Schwans, Btw, those are addicting!  Inglehoffer cream style horseradish is the best that I have come across till now. It is the perfect bouncy consistency and it is so strong that it clears the sinuses instantly. This is what makes it the perfect partner to the fries. Even though green beans are better for me than white potatoes and they are baked and not fried,  I shouldn’t be eating a whole bag of them at one sitting like I would like to! This stuff is the best! I also use it with fish tenders… mmm