Roasted Turnips and Beets

Nothing like fresh roasted vegetables! It is amazing the amount of vegetables I can get the kids to eat, as long as they are roasted.

Here I use:

2 Large Beets, uncut   2 Large Turnips, cut into medium wedges    3 Whole Garlic Cloves     1 Large Red Potato    EVOO   and   some fresh Parsley

I put the beets into a large piece of foil with the garlic cloves and drizzled with EVOO. Making the foil into a baking pocket by folding the edges slightly over, I put on sturdy pan and baked at 375 degrees for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, I opened the pocket and put in the potatoes and turnips, being sure to toss them both in the oil and adding the parsley. Being sure to close the pocket back up, all was returned to the oven for another 45 mins. (I like my veggies kind of crispy around the edges.) The beets need to be peeled, yet after roasting for so long the skin just falls off with a little help. After all this work, they sure don’t last long, but are worth it every time!

Please Just Go Back to Sleep…

Dear God, please let the Lemur King go back to sleep. I am SO tired. Amen (Taken with picplz.)

This is me, “hiding” in the bathroom, curled up on the toilet, at 4:32am, just praying for No. 3 to go back to sleep. It is obvious that my dreadlocks are a complete mess at this hour of the morning. Just an observation. All I remember is being very cold and extremely tired. Sometimes I need to “capture the moment” in order to remind myself later of the humor. Seeing myself from this angle is SO educational!

Appreciation Through Pain

The Lemur King Monster!!!!It is days like today that my condition rises up and punches me in the face. I appreciate the fact that I can still move. I know that I am learning from it. I know that it is, in it’s own sadistic way, making me stronger. Mentally. I am thankful. All that said, I cannot deny it on a day like today.  I HURT, plain and simple. I mean, seriously, look at my beautiful Lemur King… He is what keeps me moving on a day like today. (Even when I have to break often to get sick.) It is all worth it with him… Today I am reminded I am blessed.

Blue-Cone Monochromacy

This morning I had to take the Lemur King into Kellogg Eye Center at the University of Michigan. I have been dreading this appointment since before he was born. He was to see Dr. Heckenlively, the only Opthamologist in the state of Michigan to focus on Blue-Cone Monochromacy. Before being able to see Dr. Heckenlively, there were a couple of other things that we had to accomplish. Our appointment was for 9:30am, but we were not brought back to a room until almost 10:30am. When they to us back into the room they had to put three different kinds of drops in his eyes and he was not happy at all! Then we were directed to another room for Dark Adaptation. Here we sat, in complete darkness, for 45 minutes. Just as he was starting to fall asleep, two figures with red lights on their heads…
We were then redirected into another room for his ERG (Electoretinogram). There was a small table where the doctor directed me to put the sleepy king.  As soon as I went to set him down he started to scream. She says, “Just lay him down and he might calm down. Some babies fall asleep during the procedure and have no idea what is going on. I thought, “Are you crazy? There is NO way that he is going to calm down.” I ask if it is going to hurt, she says, “No.” I ask if she needs him to be quiet during the procedure, she says, “No.” I then say, “He will just have to scream then, this needs to be done.” Thank goodness there was another nurse there to hold his head straight as I was laying over his legs and holding his hands in mine. I knew that I could not get upset, because he was already upset as it was. The nice doctor finally fitted him with these crazy “contact lenses” with electrodes off of them. See following picture to get an idea….
This was followed by many bright flashing lights, more screaming, lots of tears, then suddenly… a break. Not a welcomed break I might add. For in this break came a couple more drops, more screaming and a five minute wait, followed by more bright flashing lights. The process took a good half hour, but as soon as I picked him up, he quit crying and clung to me like a little monkey.
Instead of waiting for another hour for the doctor, I asked if we could go grab some lunch from the cafe. The King was so tired and hungry, I was not looking forward to the second half of the day. We got to the cafe where there were no highchairs and the soup was so horrible that even the King wouldn’t eat it! That is unheard of! The kid eats everything! We went back to check in, then waited for another hour and a half to see the doctor. When we finally got in his room, he spent a whole 7 minutes with us. He started off by saying, “You already know that he has it?”  I said, “Yes, his older brother does also, as well as my birth father.” It was obvious that he was irritated when the King wouldn’t let him shine anymore lights in his eyes and referred us to a Pediatric Opthamologist. When I asked him if there was a possibility that we would be able to get Stem Cell injections in the future to help with his vision or colorblindness, I was told, “Well, he was born without those markers…” , as he looked at the other doctor in the room.  I got the feeling that if money were no object, he might have a different answer for me. I am wondering if I had worn a beautiful long wig, if he might have had a little more to say?

Red Pepper Deli

Raw Tacos

On my way home from yoga tonight, I HAD to stop into Red Pepper Deli in downtown Northville, MI. I am in love with their Raw Tacos. Yes I can make them at home, but they are so much better when I don’t have to do anything for them.  They are just the best there! Here is how they have it listed on the menu… RAW TACOS- WALNUT MEAT, FRESH TOMATO SALSA, ROMAINE AND SUNFLOWER SPROUTS $9. You can add quacamole for another $2, which is totally worth it. With it I ordered the TROPICOLADA- COCONUT MILK, PINEAPPLE, MANGO, AGAVE for another $5. It does seem a bit expensive once it is all rung up, but this is all-natural, raw, healthy goodness for your belly, you can’t be chincy. If you do happen to make it out that way, stop in and grab yourself some Raw Tacos or a shot of Wheat Grass! Before you do though, head over to Bikram Yoga Northville and work up your appetite.

You can try my variation of the raw tacos at home. You really can’t beat eating this healthy! When I prepare my version, the kids love it and eat it up just like regular tacos. Here is what I use for the “meat”… I end up combining 1/2 lb. finely chopped walnuts, 1 Can of Seasoned/Unseasoned black beans, a good amount of Ortega Taco Seasoning.  It would be much healthier and considerably cheaper to use dry black beans and cook to taste. There are times when I will do up batches of things at the end of the week for the next week, this is the time to cook up all those beans and rice. My kids love to make our tacos write in a large piece of Romaine. That is definitely healthier than them making me fry a flour soft shell in butter before they fill it. That use to be our favorite way…

Do it up your favorite way, but please come back to tell us how you did it! I would love to know…


Take a Seat

I find it entertaining that the Lemur King is now pushing to take over his big brother’s chair…. We have learned that the boys need to be fairly close to the television in order for them to see it, with eyesight ranging from 20/50 to approximately 20/80. Finding the appropriate seating element has been quite the task to say the least. The television has to be low in order for them to see it, but then when they sit down, no one can see around their heads. Over the years I have tried those little foam couches, outdoor chairs, child sized rockers, etc. It seems that each of them has their downfall just as everything else. For the past year we have resorted to, “Spyder, can you move to the side please?”

Now there are two heads to see beyond! I am grateful that they can still see at all, please don’t get me wrong, it’s just that these little obstacles can seem like such a big deal sometimes. My body and heart use to be able to take these hurdles with much more grace. Now I just want to stomp my feet and pout. For now I will try to handle with as much grace as I can muster and let LK keep pushing his way into his brother’s seat. Let’s label it a “bonding experience”…