Living the Day Under a Beehive

I have no idea what to do with this mess! When it is hot like this, I am reminded of just how heavy my long locks have become. When it is down, it is hard to remember the pain that comes from wearing my hair up for the day. You do know that I welcome your suggestions, right? I mean, I totally trust your opinion when it comes to this type of thing. I am not complaining in the least, just pointing out today’s realization. Throw some ideas at me, my friend…

3 thoughts on “Living the Day Under a Beehive

  1. Ugh! What a drag – literally… and unfortunately I have no good suggestions, but I will sit here looking sad and sympathetic, making soft, appreciative noises.
    I have wicked THICK CRAZY Long child-eating hair that usually is a total pain in the summer, but this Spring we decided *accidentally* to chop it all off and I am shocked at the coolness of it. Oh my. But that’s not helping you at all.. is it… I stick with the little noises of pity.
    Hang in there, lady!

    • GOT to be one of the funniest replies I’ve gotten. My hair IS extremely thick and the dreadlocks do not help, but I think that I am YEARS away from cutting it short again. Had it short for quite a bit of my life, so at least I know what I am “missing”. Have to say that the dreads are much harder for me to keep up top!

      • Ah, dreadlocks… how often I’ve been tempted to attempt them. My hair naturally runs to dreads, so it wouldn’t be hard – but I don’t know that I could commit myself with the amount of dedication needed to keep them up, ya know?

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