The Colors on the Track…

Day 39 of my 365 Days of Dreads. Almost done for the night… it’s been a very long night. About to crash. One more coat to the nails and I am done! Need to be up early and see if school is closed for the day with this snow that is coming down! Went to Spyder’s Cub Scouts meeting at Lightning Speedway in Livonia tonight. I got frustrated for Spyder, being put into another situation where color is of the importance. It was totally awesome! Slot car racing!!! The only issue was that they were color coded tracks and cars. For those boys not racing, they were “in charge” of standing on the outside of the track, catching the cars when they flipped and putting them back on their appropriate lane. The “dude”, yes, he was just that, some old dude, almost caught my foot “accidentally” up his… Oh, I mean, there was this surly gentleman working there that kept spouting unkind remarks at my son, who stood jumping with excitement at the end of the track, yet with his hands in his pockets the whole time. “You aren’t going to catch any of them with your hands in your pockets,” he would bark at my frustrated son. I tried to do my best at standing by Spyder’s side to direct him to the correct lane and such. I have to remember that people can’t see what makes things so darn difficult for him…

I was the only female there, other than the younger sister of one of the Scouts. It was kind of cool for one of the dads to hold the Lemur King so I could race a couple laps. The Lemur King was not having it. He was ready to go home and go to bed. I have to say… that is exactly where I am at.

4 thoughts on “The Colors on the Track…

  1. Hi there,

    I have a Google alert for Achromatopsia and I came upon your blog. I just read this post and I’m guessing Spyder is your son with Achromatopsia? My son, Rocco, is an achromat. He is 9.

    I don’t write too much about him on my blog, but if you’d care to take a peek at some pictures of him you can find us here

    Click on the oval button on the right sidebar that says “what’s This?” and has Braille underneath.

    • Thank you so much for your reply. I love his glasses! We were just looking into having magenta lenses for Spyder. Something with the Blue-cone, having both the red and blue lenses together is important. I would love to have future communications concerning Achromatopsia… Blessings to the family!

      • Any questions you ever have! Not that I am an expert. His glasses are a lifesaver. He started wearing red lenses at 2 1/2. We are lucky that his Opthamologist is the Dean at UC Berkeley School of Optometry (two hours from us and she has studied achromats extensively. As you can tell, Rocco has an extreme case since he reads in Braille and uses a cane for mobility. He’s basically blind. He doesn’t use his limited sight for anything. The amazing thing is that of the 50 or so patients our doctor has seen with the condition, only two have ever been to the extreme as my Rocco, and the other boy is a 20 year old that lives only about 1 hour away from us! We have yet to meet him but I have friended him on Facebook.

        I believe these achromats have landed us in a small world we are lucky to live in. I am continually amazed by Rocco’s accomplishments through adverse conditions. On Saturday we head to the regional Braille Challenge. Exciting!

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