The Dirty Show

So every year Detroit has an erotic art showing called the Dirty Show. Here they have Erotic Art, Burlesque shows, Aerialists on silks, people hanging from body piercings… One can never know what they will find.  I wish that I could go every year, though it does not seem to turn out that way. This year I actually have more than just a day to myself, kids are gone, etc. Yet, I still don’t have the money to go, nor someone to go with. Driving to downtown Detroit and attending by myself is not high on my list of things to do. Trying to put myself through some torture, I happened to look up the price this year. Just a few years ago it was $15 at the door. Things must really have multiplied because tickets at the door this year are $25!! There are not words to describe my disappointment right now.  Not that it mattered too much, as I did not have anyone to go with me anyway. I have to admit though, my heart sinks just a bit knowing that my only time to wear my vinyl ballgown this year, without everyone looking at me in disbelief, is slowly fading.  Le Sigh…

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