Homemade Black Bean Nachos…

Homemade Black Bean Nachos

I have been noticing a pattern lately in my eating habits… It is a Mexican kick again. I swear, sometimes I could eat the same foods for a month straight, then all of a sudden, I can’t take another bite of “it” for six months! Today I decided to throw myself together some black bean nachos while I was making the Lemur King his foods. Snagging a bit of the black beans and rice, those were the first to go on the tortilla chips… I ended up throwing on some tomatoes that needed to be used up, a little green onion, and cheese of course. Went out of my way to bake them in the oven to spoil myself a bit. Just threw them on 350 degrees just until the cheese melts. For myself, I tend to go a bit overboard here, baking until all edges are brown and crispy. Once cheese is melted, carefully throw onto a plate, add Ortega Medium sauce, and sour cream Full of awesomeness…


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