Strange Food…

I had to whip up the Lemur King some food real quick… this just happened to be what I threw together. I am grateful that my boy eats so good for his age, because I don’t know if I could convince many other kids to eat it! This time it was sweet potatoes, asparagus and chick peas. In order to blend easily, I added some coconut water. Can’t beat throwing something together!


2 thoughts on “Strange Food…

  1. Sounds like a good combination at any age. I’m working on getting my 14.5 year old son off of wheat without making a big deal about it, easier said than done for sure…

    • 14.5? I am safer with the 17 m/o! That has got to be a very hard transition at that age! My oldest just moved out, so it might be easier for me now to get the 8 y/o and the baby to eat better…

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