Mmmm Bob Evans

I was swiftly on my way to Ikea, just to pick up some more jars for storage, when I heard Bob Evans calling from the expressway… I knew that the Lemur King could eat, even though he just had something before we left the house. That boy is always up for food! I have to say that the service at this particular Bob Evans was wonderful! I got very minimal looks which is slightly unusual for me, but so welcome.

There is a horrible craving that has been lying under my craving for crab these days… salt. Not knowing what the deal is, I tend to just succumb to the craving. For the past couple of weeks I cannot get enough bacon, sausage, popcorn, etc. This is killing me because I know that it is SO not good for me! Not being able to do the Bikram these days is not helping me at all. Know this though, when I decide to do up a craving, I do it right… I ordered the Sausage Biscuit Bowl…

The Lemur King ended up getting the kid’s Spaghetti, which he ate almost half of…

And of course, we had to have dessert…. Some Peanut Butter Brownie Sundae thing…

         Of course we didn’t need to get the sundae, at all, but how do you end a delicious meal like that if you are already in this deep?! And to think that we still had to go shop after stuffing our bellies full!


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