Please Just Go Back to Sleep…

Dear God, please let the Lemur King go back to sleep. I am SO tired. Amen (Taken with picplz.)

This is me, “hiding” in the bathroom, curled up on the toilet, at 4:32am, just praying for No. 3 to go back to sleep. It is obvious that my dreadlocks are a complete mess at this hour of the morning. Just an observation. All I remember is being very cold and extremely tired. Sometimes I need to “capture the moment” in order to remind myself later of the humor. Seeing myself from this angle is SO educational!

2 thoughts on “Please Just Go Back to Sleep…

    • Thank you, because at the moment, I felt FAR from perfect. It’s one of those times you need to remind your self that you need to raise your children in a non-threatening environment… lol

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