The Beginning of the Dreads…

With the new year about to begin, I am spending more time reflecting on the past year. I didn’t keep much account of “the dreads” and feel I would regret it terribly in the future. This whole process has been so spiritual for me, I think it important to keep some kind of documentation. After a couple years’ worth of contemplation and growing my hair out, I finally decided it was long enough to start the process. That and I hadn’t found a partner in crime yet, so there was no one to talk me out of it.

In my favorite hat right before the start of the process…


Some have hinted at how they think it selfish of me to put my hair in dreads at “such an age!” I was “already having a hard time finding a date, did I REALLY want to narrow the field anymore?” And what kind of mother makes her child uncomfortable with a crazy hairstyle? I thought of ALL of these things, for a couple of years, it needed to be done for myself. It needed to be done for my soul. It has been a learning experience since the beginning… thank you for sharing in the process with me!

I am blessed to know someone “in the business,” who was able to separate my hair into sections and cut my bangs to my desired length. We had decided it was important to keep my bangs so that I could still wear my hair up in a more “refined” look when needed.                            IMAG0483

After being sectioned off, it took me close to two weeks to put them in myself! I am sure that for the “average bear,” that process would not take as long. Battling Fibromyalgia tends to make my processes a bit longer. There were three different processes I began with, but now that they have locked in a bit more, I only roll at the base and palm roll. I have never used wax of any kind. Though, my flyaways drive me batty sometimes! I will be sure to continue to post updated photos from here on out…

In Pennsylvania, in the beginning…IMAG0535

4 thoughts on “The Beginning of the Dreads…

    • I do think that is the way to go… wait until it gets a bit longer than you would like it and then put them in. I wonder, do you already have a method and someone set aside to do them, or will you be doing them yourself? Details, details!!!! lol

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